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Ascension Lighting

The Torrey Pyramid

A Crystalline Beach Rock's Journey to You

Crystalline stones gestated deep inside Mother Earth eons ago. Born tumbling out of mountains, their life's intention was set. To somehow make it all the way down to the sea. Today, after a bazillion years of learning how to navigate our Earth Mother's natural forces, a select few made it to our beaches! And now these special crystalline beings would like to taking it just one step back up and move into people's lives, enlighten special souls, and illuminate us along the way! 

Meditation Light - Alter Light - Night Light - Camp "Fire", it is your call.

They want to help raise our Vibe!

Assisting in their journey...

We created a pure environment to radiate their pure intention, simply: 

The Stones themselves, Beach Quartz

Beach Sand or Sandstone


Water and a bit of Elmer's

Torrey Pine wood base

LED lighting

Each Creation consists of two components. 

1) Pyramid Illuminator

2) Torrey Pine Base 

(Sold Separately)

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The Torrey Pines 

Light Speaks

When we listen

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Return Policy

Each creation is unique and treated as a living being, like a puppy that can be passed down through generations. 
I ask if you ever have any trouble or find you have no further use for the Torrey Pines Lamp, I or one of my Great Great grandchildren will gladly repair or reimburse you and find a new home. :)
DISCLAIMER: Due to it's eco-friendly nature, the lamp is NOT WATERPROOF. Please keep moisture to a minimum.

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