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Ascension Beads

"The Story" and Guidance

Ascension Beads are pure gems from the Earth. Each bracelet is unique and channeled with the highest intention for your well being. The Ascension Shop's Sort has an "Intentions List" that will assist you in selecting your desires but ultimately... If something pleases your eye, makes your heart smile, and feels somehow familiar in either a soothing, peaceful or energetic way, it will definitely help guide you towards your highest good. 

Any piece in "The Shop" will be attuned specifically to you or another if you are gifting. If gifting, simply send me their name, city and state. 

Please contact me as well if you are interested in a "custom" bracelet or necklace for yourself or a friend.  I love aligning bead mixes to someones specific needs. 


My relationship with crystals began in 1968. I can still vividly recall the energy I felt in finding them in the hillside next to our home in San Clemente, CA. Skateboards and Surfboards soon took over, and it wasn't until 1990 that I became a regular at the neighborhood crystal shop in The City on Ashbury. This is where I began to understand their power.   

Humanity has utilized crystalline energies since history was first written. In addition to adornment, ancient priests  and healers prescribed them for protection, energy enhancement, courage, ancestral connection, etc. There simply weren't that many though, so these practices were usually limited to the elite.

Over time, much of this practice was lost and became legend as modern science and medicine took hold. The good news is we are in a period of awaking and we are opening once again to crystal power! Also, with modern mining and global trade, our access to these powerful gems has never been more widespread. And finally... Science is now starting to give validity to their powers!

Welcome to the Power of Gemstones! And always feel free to contact me with any questions. 


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