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Welcome to Love For Ascension

Hi! My name is Jeffrey Hemmen.

We are a team of loving beings. Myself, My Creations, Ancestors, Angels, Fairies, YOUR Fairies and quite literally, EVERYTHING that holds the intention of guiding us to a divine and harmonious life on Earth.   

If you found this, you are likely longing for something more. The new car, clothes, or relationship brings joy for a while, but your heart still aches, you are missing something. For some, once we loose joy, we can fall into deep despair. If you find yourself here, please contact me now, free of any obligation on your part. You are a beautiful soul. Humanity needs you!    

Love For Ascension is here to help you find your unique road to happiness. I'm not the Uber that's gonna take you there though. It just doesn't work that way... I've tried... You WILL need to drive! And together, we will download your unique version of Google Maps. We are here to help fill potholes, change tires, ensure you remember to charge your Tesla, and show you how to fall in love with red lights.  

Let's Drive!



Sacred Ceremony Apu Auzangate, Peru

If you feel a calling for this place, let me know!

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